I have been sewing all my life. My mother taught me, at a very young age, how to sew and alter patterns. I mostly sewed shirts for myself, and dresses for my sister and neighboring girls. By age 16 I had made myself my first tuxedo, and developed a strong passion for tailoring. I got a college degree in Haute Couture and soon after finishing school was recruited to work for Canada’s best tailored clothing manufacturer, Samuelsohn. In subsequent years I worked for some import houses as well as domestic manufacturers, traveling the globe supervising tailored clothing factories in places as far-flung as Burma and Bangladesh, Russia and Romania, China, Ukraine, Vietnam, Italy, Thailand and Mexico. I lived in Mexico for a while, where I helped build a clothing factory up from nothing. Literally a blank spot on the side of a mountain where we built a factory employing 500 locals. I lived in Tennessee for a while, where as Chief Creative Officer I helped get a struggling old clothing company get back on their feet. We went from bankruptcy to winning the style category of Garden and Gun magazine’s Made in the South Awards in the space of two years.

I am currently Senior Vice President, Technical Design at Hickey Freeman Tailored Clothing in Rochester, New York, and travel frequently back to work with our sister company, Samuelsohn. Yes, that Samuelsohn. We were acquired a few years ago by the Luxury Men’s Apparel Group, the new owners of Samuelsohn.

I was a member of the global Executive Committee of the International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives, from which I have won five International Design Awards. I was the president of the Southern Chapter of the IACDE based in Atlanta.

I now live in Fairport, New York, with my husband Biff, our boxer Ariel, and our cat Godfrey.

Me and Louise Slaughter at the Hickey Freeman factory.