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The Louise Collection – a special, limited edition capsule collection of the finest ladies’ tailored clothing – honors Congresswoman Louise Slaughter who represented the people of Rochester, New York in the United States House of Representatives for 30 years until her passing in 2018.

“I was always considered, in my mind, to be Hickey Freeman’s Washington [D.C.] office. Hickey Freeman never made women’s clothes… I was the only member of congress – the only woman ever to represent this area – who wasn’t able to wear a Hickey Freeman suit.”

-Rep. Louise Slaughter, Tailor Made, the Story of the Tailoring Trade in Rochester. PBS, WXXI, Rochester, NY, 29 Feb. 2016.

My name is Robert Jeffery Diduch and I am the Senior Vice President of Technical Design for Hickey Freeman Tailored Clothing in Rochester, New York. Louise Slaughter was our US Congressional Representative; when she visited us at our factory I offered to make her a suit. She was thrilled, but she passed away not long after.

This year I finally made Louise her suit.

Hand sketch of one of the ladies' suit designs in The Louise Slaughter Collection by Robert Jeffery Diduch
A sketch of one of the ladies’ tailored suit designs in The Louise Collection

The Louise Collection was shown at Fashion Week of Rochester on Friday, October 18, in memory of Louise Slaughter and to honor her enduring legacy in the greater Rochester area.

Proceeds of the show benefit The Center For Youth

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